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Start Selling Grillz

Who We Are is a wholesale Manufacturer and Distributor of Quality Custom Grillz nationwide. In fact, we have associates worldwide making a living selling our Quality Custom Grillz. We have had many business associates who started off selling our Grillz part time but have now quit their jobs to pursue selling Grillz as their primary source of income.  Social Media apps such as Offer up, Facebook, and Instagram have really helped our business partners maximize their resources and enhance their ability to make money.



To Get Started

Step 1: See if You Qualify

Start with word to mouth to your friends, family, and community and see how receptive they are to the idea of purchasing a Grill.

Step 2: Creating your Company

Select a name for your business that preferably has the word Grillz/Jewelery in it.

Making an Instagram page and Facebook page for your business.

View @B_C_creations and @imakegrillz to screenshot photos to use initally on your page. Consider using your own photos from grillz you order later on once you start making sales.

Step 3: Finalizing the Sale

For making sales refer to the Wholesaler Price Sheet that we will email you.

Step 4: Supplying your Business

Consider purchasing the wholesaler mold kit package listed on our website to get access to all the tools you will need to start molding your own customers.

All kits include mold slips, molding trays, and molding putty